Shopify Multi-Currency Feed Issues - Forcing Currency & Preventing Shopping Feed Disapprovals

24 December, 2020


Josh Duggan

Josh Duggan

Working in paid media for over 8 years. Specialises in Google Shopping and paid social. Spoken at various eCommerce events around the world about paid media and Google Shopping.

This article is designed to help people overcome issues with different Shopify currencies causing issues with shopping feeds.

One of the most common reasons for feeds being disapproved for brands and retailers is price and currency mismatch, with Google, in particular, struggling with sites that dynamically update currency with IP address and advertisers not forcing currency (via URL, as we’ll cover in this article) per feed.

What is Shopify’s Multi-Currency and how does it work?

Shopify’s native multi-currency was introduced in 2019, allowing Shopify and Shopify Plus users to introduce additional currencies, currently based on an exchange rate with rounding. The price lists offering is currently in beta, but that’s not relevant to this article.

Why does multi-currency cause issues with my feeds getting disapproved?

Natively, the currencies are changed based on the user’s IP address, meaning that Google will commonly look at your feed and then see a mismatch on the product page itself, seeing USD as a result of the US IP address of the crawler.

In order to fix this, you can simply append the currency code onto the URL, with the currency parameter, as per the examples below.

You can see the end result of forcing the currency by clicking on the links above.

How do I force the currency-specified URLs in the feeds?

By adding the parameter to each URL, you’ll be able to force the currency for each feed - this is our suggested approach and we’ve done it successfully with lots of clients.

We generally use Shoptimised or an equivalent for managing feed data (adding a layer on top of the catalog data being pulled out of Shopify) and this is where we’d append the URLs, although you could also do this in Google merchant centre. Please find instructions blow.

  • Go to “Products > Feeds” and then select the product feed you want to edit. 

  • Once in your feed, select “Feed Rules” in the navigation

  • Then select “Create Rule” (the blue + button)

  • Search and select the “Link” option

Shopify feed - image 1

  • Select the link option from your latest data source

  • You can add a condition as well if the rule should only be applied to specific SKUs

  • Then select ‘Use Latest’ as you want to use the existing URLs, simply to amend them. Chose link as the take latest option

shopify feed - image 2
  • On the left-hand side, select ‘Modifications’

shopify feed - image 3

  • Then select append;  you want to append ?currency=GBP to your existing Link (landing page URL) to ensure that the GBP price is served. This may differ per site. There is also the option to find and replace; however appending will most likely be the best option.

shopify - image 4
  • You can then check the rule runs correctly on the right-hand side, once you select OK. 

  • You can see the current URL at the top Vs the new URL below. Please check the new URL to ensure this works and does not redirect etc. We have applied this rule already via our feed app, hence the two instances of ?currency=GBP

url rule