Vervaunt Labs

Vervaunt Labs is the R&D arm of Vervaunt, focused on building software for ecommerce brands across performance, marketing, benchmarking and more.


Census - Post Purchase Surveys

Census is a post-purchase survey app used by over 50 Shopify stores. Originally created to capture feedback in different scenarios (e.g. the subscription ordering experience, bugs and issues for new site launches), but now used more for attribution (questions for new customers on how they first discovered the brand) and first party data capture (capturing information around the customer - e.g. self-purchase vs gift) that can then be passed into their email marketing platform or CRM tool. Find out more >>


Visualise - Dynamic Creative

Dynamically create assets for a full product catalog in seconds - helping to drive CTR and engagement improvements with minimal investment. Visualise takes images from a product feed or Shopify store and overlays key attributes and other images based on a template, significantly reducing the overhead for optimising product imagery for DPAs and DABA.

Although still in BETA, we use Visualise on client accounts to help drive better performance without having to invest too much money in asset creation or expensive third party tools.

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Abacus - Our Internal Dashboard

Abacus is our internal dashboard that connects to Facebook and Google and has a few different tools to help drive performance, improve efficiency, input additional business logic and add automated layers of QA. Key tools include dynamic reporting on the changing sizes of target audiences, detailed creative reporting, automated & scheduled activity rules and performance monitoring.

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Black Card

The Vervaunt Black Card is here. If you manage to get your hands on one of these elusive cards, you’ll be rewarded with some exclusive perks, access to the coolest ecommerce events, discounts from the coolest brands, and giveaways of the coolest merch. Launched at the Pulse Ecommerce Summit '22, coming soon to the wider industry.