We're one of the world's only Shopify Plus Consultancy partners and have delivered a wide range of large migration projects and also helped a host of household names grow on the platform.

Some of Our Shopify Plus Clients

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We started working with Shopify Plus in early 2017, following a number of platform review projects for larger brands considering it – we've since worked very closely with the platform and delivered a host of highly complex projects on the platform. We now have a very experienced Shopify-focused team and work with it with some of our biggest clients. We do a lot of projects focused on very custom Shopify Plus solutions, for more complex retailers looking to use the platform

Our services with Shopify Plus so far have been focused on supporting replatforming projects, scoping build projects, creation of functional specifications (whilst also matching requirements against native features and third-party solutions), architecting complex projects and custom solutions and project planning / discovery. We also do a lot of roadmapping and ad-hoc solutions works with Shopify Plus brands.

If you want like to discuss working together on a Shopify Plus project, please feel free to get in touch with us.


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