We specialise in advanced Google Shopping management and the associated aspects of campaign management and feed optimisation - scaling activity profitably with key business and catalog parameters considered.

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About Our Offering

Google shopping is one of our key focuses and has been a channel of specialism since the very start. We have an abundance of experience managing data feeds and shopping activity for a wide range of retailers – including marketplaces, large multi-brand retailers and brands with complex products.

All of our team are trained to work directly with the major eCommerce platforms to both build and optimise feeds. Whenever on-boarding a new client part of our comprehensive discovery session is focused primarily on product catalogue information gathering.

Featured Client Stories


Full paid media management (search, shopping, social & Amazon) for one of the UK’s leading and best-loved luggage brands.

Performance Marketing
Borough Kitchen

Management of paid search, shopping and social strategy for one of London’s coolest kitchen and homeware retailers.


Global, multi-lingual paid search management for one of the world's best-known cosmetics brands. Supporting online growth across over 20 key markets.

Performance Marketing

Driving paid media growth across various European territories for a globally recognised homeware and fashion retailer.

Performance Marketing
PMT Music

Managed paid search, social, shopping and strategic consultancy for the UK's leading multi-channel music retailer.

Performance Marketing
David Austin Roses

Paid search and shopping management for a world-renowned rose breeder.

Imogen Allen

Vervaunt have become a trusted partner, and are really now considered as an extension of the in-house team with our confidence in their knowledge and attention-to-detail.

They have helped us to branch out into the world of Paid Media, taking the time to really understand our values as a brand, and executing concepts which are always in-line with our aesthetic. Their openness in communication is something that we hugely value, as well as their insightful and frequent reporting which ensures we are always in the loop, and have a full picture of the activity on our account.

They are pro-active in suggesting new ideas & improvements that are always on-brand, and I am constantly impressed by their quick turnaround times and consistent willingness to go above and beyond what we are asking for.

This also extends well beyond paid media, as we regard the Vervaunt team as a trusted and reliable source to advise on other aspects of the business, with great trust in their wide industry knowledge and genuine care for our brand.

Imogen Allan eCommerce Manager - Self-Portrait

More on our Google Shopping Services

Creating and optimising the feed (generation from eCommerce platform)

We have experience working most feed extensions and third party solutions, across all mainstream eCommerce platforms. Depending on your requirements and other factors such as your size of the product catalogue, we will help you find the right solution and help manage the integration from the platform to the Google merchant centre

Business focused shopping management

As well as considering what is performing well online, we take a deeper look and understanding at what products drive profitable sales for you as an overall business. For example, looking a profit margins, demand, and inventory

Tailored feed optimisation 

By building out product titles and descriptions with more relevant search terms and product attributes we will help ensure your shopping ads are serving more often and indexing on relevant search queries

Feed quality review and optimisations 

We will ensure your feed is in good health and following best practice. We’ll ensure any issues around missing attributes such as GTINs are resolved, along with non-essentials such as age and gender being added in, which will again help you index more efficiently. We also use custom labels to help tag products aiding reporting and bidding methodology. Furthermore, we’ll ensure all product types are added and built out to a greater level of granularity in the feed which will help with ranking in the auction and structuring campaigns

Building campaigns effectively

We’ll help create a structure that allows you to understand how different categories and products are performing. Whether that be segmenting by a site category hierarchy or brands if you are a re-seller. We’ll also split campaigns by brand and generic search queries to better allocate budget between users intent

Using automation to drive stronger growth

We’ve also created several scripts to help improve performance further. For example, flagging when a search term has spent too much but did not convert. Automating alerts when stock is low and products are spending over a threshold and automatically adding negatives when search terms don't contain certain phrases – these are just a few of the many examples!


Having worked with several search agencies spanning over a decade, discovering Vervaunt has been a game changer. A pro-active bunch who really understand the levers that drive ROI and results. To date, Paul and his team work with several past and current businesses I’ve worked with and I heartily recommend them for both Paid Search and Google Shopping management.

BOB BRINKLOW eCommerce Director - Poundshop.com (and eCommerce consultant)
Rooftop Team

How we work;

  • Pro-active management and account optimisations

  • Bespoke reporting and dashboards created for all clients

  • Slack comms for daily optimisation discussion and questions

  • Regular client contact, at least bi-weekly calls and monthly meetings, we also love it when our clients come to work from the office for workshops or working days.

  • Thorough, cross-team pre-activation campaign checklists

  • In-grained team process around daily budget and visibility checks

  • In-house quarterly cross account audits

  • Development of bespoke in-house proprietary tools and scripts

  • eCommerce support where needed for other areas (e.g. GA / GTM, SEO, UX etc)

Please do not hesitate to contact us or fill in the form below if you would like to hear more.


The team at Vervaunt helped Lush venture into Paid Advertising for the first time. They were incredibly supportive, helping the team understand the intricacies of the platforms and onboarding successfully.

At Lush, we have strict principles on engaging with Paid Ads and Vervaunt have championed those guidelines with us. The team are lovely, helpful and always on hand to support in any way they can. It has been a great partnership.

Taniya De Abrew Senior Digital Trading Manager - LUSH