Roadmapping & Continuous Improvement

Hands-on support for project roadmapping and continuous improvement - focused on defining project goals and objectives, and adding value throughout the eCommerce operation.


Previous Roadmapping Projects

Hands-on replatforming support, project scoping, delivery of personalisation solution, on-going management of key functions, feed optimisation, Shopify Plus consultancy.


Magento technical consultancy, strategic eCommerce advice / guidance and paid media consultancy.

PMT Music

Various fixed scope eCommerce projects, replatforming support, platform selection, RfP management, UX direction, strategy support.


Replatforming requirements gathering, platform selection support and technology consultancy for one of the UK’s oldest retail brands.


Platform selection support, requirement gathering, RfP management and replatforming project management for one of the UK’s best-known premium menswear brands.

David Austin Roses

Replatforming consultancy and project management, including RfP management and general eCommerce support. Managed paid media.

Roadmapping & Continuous Improvement

One of the most common ways we work with clients is focused on defining an eCommerce roadmap (short-term and long-term) and then supporting clients in the delivery, most commonly via technical, UX and merchandising projects and tasks. We don’t take on development work, but more the management and hands-on aspects, to help get items completed faster. Recent examples of things we’ve done as part of this include:

  • Implementation of third-party search solutions (managing developers, merchandising, UX optimisation etc)

  • Delivery of different forms of personalisation

  • Merchandising projects

  • Internationalisation projects

  • Re-design projects

  • Managing the roll-out of subscriptions

  • Introduction of different types of bundling

  • Checkout optimisation projects

  • Introduction of new payment methods etc

  • Smaller migration projects

The way we work varies from client to client, from on-going retained consultancy based on really driving the continuous improvement efforts to fixed-scope or ad-hoc work focused on delivering items from the roadmap.

As above, we don’t do development work - we tend to take ownership of all aspects of projects that internal teams don’t have time for or may struggle with in terms of experience or capacity. We'd also commonly manage development teams or agencies as part of this.

We usually start with a discovery session, where we discuss the current setup of the site and team, overall objectives, general struggles, previous projects, budgets, etc. Following this, we’d go away and do lots of research around the front-end, back-end and technology stack - we’d then present lots of ideas that could be delivered and an idea of where they’d add value. We’d then go through these and collaborate on building out the list of things that are looking to be achieved in the short-term and long-term future. From here, we’d prioritise and start to build out the roadmap (often split by who is delivering the work).

Examples of non-technical projects can often include things like improvements around product filtering and product data in general, introduction of new payment methods or shipping options, visual merchandising projects, iA optimisation projects, analytics work, reporting, etc. We’d generally have two streams, with one being more focused on these aspects and generally more focused on our team and the internal team.

Gautam Madiman

We’ve been working with Vervaunt for around six months and they’ve become an extension to our in-house eCommerce team – supporting some great initiatives and helping us roll out lots of new functionality on our Shopify Plus store. Their knowledge of Shopify Plus and eCommerce generally has been a huge help for us! They’ve helped deliver considerable improvements to our site search, helped to roll out a personalisation solution and supported our marketing and eCommerce teams in implementing lots of other new pieces of functionality. They were also invaluable in delivering the Shopify replatforming project.

Services provided: replatforming support, function management, project-based Shopify Plus support, paid media consultancy.

Gautam Madiman Head of eCommerce -