eCommerce Roadmapping

eCommerce roadmapping is one of our core services, focused on aligning your business goals and objectives with short, medium and long-term roadmap phases. We would audit various areas of your business and eCommerce channel and collaborate with key stakeholders to define and prioritise phases and plan delivery.

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Our Approach

We'd usually start any roadmapping project with one or more discovery workshops and then we'd conduct an audit, with a view to building and collating a set of items that could / should go into the roadmap at different points. We'd then collaborate with your team to define priorities, based on time, complexity and cost and also likely impact.

Typically, the short-term items are more quick wins, compliance, security, backlog bugs and issues etc. The medium term would then be focused on new features and functionality (or other projects / changes) that could help to improve key metrics, UX / usability improvements, efficiency wins, or things that could improve the customer experience etc. The long-term would then be either larger items that require more planning / buy-in or more innovation-led items.

Whilst every client's roadmap will be different dependent on their goals, a typical roadmap may include:

  • Technical updates across underlying architecture, performance, security, compliance, general code issues etc.

  • Checkout, payments methods etc.

  • UX, usability and accessibility - review of core templates, mobile, key functional aspects of the site etc.

  • Functionality - search, category merchandising, bundling and general aspects of trading and production.

  • Retention approach across loyalty, email, data capture, subscriptions etc.

  • Internationalisation

  • Overall tech stack - ranging from platform to integrations to personalisation etc.

  • Analytics & reporting - data accuracy, overall setup, tracking issues etc

  • Technical SEO

  • Post-purchase experience

  • Account functionality and experience

  • And lots more

Every project is always fairly unique due to their technology stack, strategic goals, internal priorities, team budget etc.

How We Work

Whilst every roadmap project is unique, we work in a similar way across all of our clients. We work closely with your eCommerce team and build a meaningful working relationship to accelerate and prioritise growth. How we work:

  • Initial discovery session(s) and detailed audit phase to understand your business, objectives and targets, pain points and challenges.

  • Conduct research into your eCommerce setup across all third parties, front-end experience, back-end operations and your end-to-end technology stack.

  • Build a comprehensive roadmap for split into three phases, usually focused on the next 6 months (short-term), 12 months (medium term) and 24 months (longer term, material projects)

  • Agree priorities for each phase and then start to map into deliverables and scopes of work for related partners

  • We'd then sometimes manage the different programs of work, depending on the internal team

  • We usually focus on a combination of data-led recommendations and recommendations based on best practice

Our Team & Credentials

  • Team with a wide range of skills and focus - project management, technical solutions, digital marketing, strategy, data & analysis

  • Deep experience in both technical and strategic areas (ranging from PIM implementation to CRM strategy)

  • Unbiased, impartial and fair team

  • One of the world’s only Shopify Plus consultancy partners + two Magento Solutions Specialists

  • Experienced with most major platforms - Magento / Adobe, Shopify Plus, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Shopware, BigCommerce and SAP etc

  • Strong relationships with most technology partners - ranging from subscriptions to integration providers to search solutions

  • Supported a wide range of major eCommerce projects across the UK and US, including, The V&A, Science Museum Group, Self-Portrait, Toteme, David Austin Roses, Sunspel, Bremont and many more.


Vervaunt has been instrumental in the vast growth of our eCommerce business both via their paid media services and eCommerce consultancy. I've personally worked with them for a total of 4 years on several occasions in two different businesses and each time they have brought their wealth of knowledge in all manners of eCommerce including technical, strategic and performance.  What makes them stand out is their team who specialise in specific areas of the business meaning you receive expert advice and solutions which are relevant to your setup.  Their eagerness to support and pro-active nature means they are testament to the "extension of the team" phrase. A highly recommended partner for any business looking to scale with immediate results.

Rachel Powell-Jones Head of Ecommerce - Astrid & Miyu

Related Roadmapping Projects

Initial replatforming scoping + project support. Post-launch big focus on defining and accelerating the delivery of key roadmap projects.


Comprehensive eCommerce audit and roadmap definition project, followed by support in delivering key projects and advising around overall eCommerce strategy.

Audit & Consultancy
The Bottle Club

Initial audit + roadmap definition and support. Long-term relationship focused on defining and accelerating the delivery of strategy projects and roadmap items.


Management of initial replatforming project and long-term consulting relationship, primarily focused on roadmap and overall eCommerce strategy.


Vervaunt are a leading ecommerce consultancy and paid media agency, working solely with ecommerce brands to support growth and improve operations. We work on projects ranging from complex replatforming projects to the execution of direct-to-consumer growth strategies.

About Vervaunt

Gautam Madiman

We’ve been working with Vervaunt for around six months and they’ve become an extension to our in-house eCommerce team – supporting some great initiatives and helping us roll out lots of new functionality on our Shopify Plus store.

Gautam Madiman Head of Ecommerce - Bulletproof

Our Consulting Team

Paul Rogers
Managing Director | eCommerce Consultant
Liam Quinn
Technical Director | Solution Architect
Josh Duggan
Co-Founder | Lead Performance Consultant
Shamoli Miah
Operations Director | eCommerce Consultant
Paul Barrett
Business Director
Francesca Raggio
eCommerce Consultant
Conor Jones
eCommerce Executive | Junior eCommerce Consultant