Ecommerce RfP Management

Our hands-on RfP management and support is focused on defining business goals and objectives, gathering functional requirements, assessing technologies, defining a technology stack and then selecting integration partners.

Introduction & Offering

Although we don’t always think that an RfP or RfI is the right approach, we have a huge amount of experience of running ecommerce RfPs for both tech vendor selection and agency partner selection.

More Detail

As part of the tender process, we would usually cover the following:

  • Overall design of process (timelines, meetings / stages, response framework / approach etc.).

  • Initial discovery sessions to build out requirements.

  • Assessment of options against the requirements.

  • Build out a shortlist of partners or vendors.

  • Build out documentation for tender process (usually a detailed RfP document and then a supporting requirements or spec document).

  • Organise the presentation meetings and agendas.

  • Define scoring criteria.

  • Take up references.

  • Work alongside internal teams to assess each partners and ultimately make the decision.

We approach every project differently, but the two core types of RfPs we’d work on would be platform or technology vendor selection (where we’d usually try and avoid a standardised RfP process) and then partner or agency selection (where it can be more relevant, depending on the scope of the project, business etc).

If we were running an agency selection RfP, we’d typically be looking to assess the following:

  • Overall capability and organisation suitability etc.

  • Platform, tech stack experience, knowledge and credibility.

  • Experience of delivering against requirements and similar scopes of work.

  • Project team(s).

  • Cost structure and end-to-end commercials.

  • Ongoing relationship handling (e.g. support, BAU etc).

  • Client-facing team members (assessing core elements such as experience etc).

Our Credentials

  • Team with a wide range of skills and focus, covering product ownership, technical solutions, marketing, strategy, and analysis

  • Deep experience in both technical and strategic areas (ranging from PIM implementation to CRM strategy)

  • Unbiased, impartial and fair team - we work with all technology partners and do not favour solutions based on commission or benefits

  • One of the world’s only Shopify Plus consultancy partners, alongside multiple Magento Certified Solutions Specialists

  • Experienced with most major platforms - Magento / Adobe, Shopify Plus, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Shopware, BigCommerce, SAP, etc.

  • Strong relationships with majority of technology partners - ranging from PIM to personalisation to BI platforms

  • Supported a wide range of major ecommerce projects for brands from all over the world, including Bulletproof, The V&A, Self-Portrait, Science Museum Group, PMT Music, Totême, David Austin Roses, Sunspel and many more

  • Won multiple awards at leading ceremonies, including the eCommerce Awards and the UK eCommerce Awards

Our Consulting Team

Paul Rogers
Ecommerce Consultant
Liam Quinn
Solutions Architect
Josh Duggan
Lead Performance Consultant
Paul Barrett
Business Director
Shamoli Miah
Ecommerce Consultant
Francesca Raggio
Ecommerce Consultant
Conor Jones
Ecommerce Solutions Specialist

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