eCommerce RfP Management

Hands-on RfP management and support - focused on defining business goals and objectives, gathering functional requirements, assessing technologies, defining a technology stack and then selecting integration partners.


Previous RfP Projects

PMT Music

Various fixed scope eCommerce projects, replatforming support, platform selection, RfP management, UX direction, strategy support.


Platform selection support, requirement gathering, RfP management and replatforming project management for one of the UK’s best-known premium menswear brands.

The Conran Shop

eCommerce platform selection consultancy, requirements gathering, agency RfP management and replatforming project management for a truly iconic design brand.

The Science Museum

Supported Europe’s most visited science and technology museum through a replatforming project, inclusive of RfP management and solutions guidance.

The V&A

Several fixed-scope projects focused on a large-scale replatforming project, technology due-diligence and guidance around Magento store.

Hands-on replatforming support, project scoping, delivery of personalisation solution, on-going management of key functions, feed optimisation, Shopify Plus consultancy.

eCommerce RFP / RFI Management

We have over 10 years of experience working with different systems integrators and eCommerce development partners of all sizes whilst working on different projects and in different roles on an international scale.

We can either validate existing requirements against partners or take on the full discovery & requirements gathering aspect of the project. Our team is based in London, UK, although we've worked with retailers and brands from countries including the USA, Canada, Sweden, Ireland, Germany and lots more - we are more than comfortable with working with businesses in different time zones and needing to travel. Some of our most requested RfP management services include:

  • eCommerce platform requirements gathering and creation of project specification and / or RfP

  • Requirements gathering for other key technologies, e.g. payments, search, POS, integration providers etc

  • Creation of detailed technical specifications

  • Creation of tender documentation

  • Partner shortlisting and validation

  • Full RfP management (response management, organising of meetings, support in decision making etc)

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to hear more.


We hired Paul and Sham from Vervaunt to run an end-to-end eCommerce platform and integration partner RfP for The Conran Shop, which was an extremely comprehensive process that lasted a number of months, in total.

We looked at a number of different eCommerce platforms and their knowledge of these was very strong and Paul and Sham showed us how the key workflows and tasks would be handled with each of them and also with different third-party technologies.

I would definitely recommend Vervaunt and we were really pleased with the end result and how the process was run.

Rachel Morris Head of eCommerce - The Conran Shop