eCommerce Replatforming Consultancy

Helping brands choose a suitable platform to maximise sales & support long term growth

We are extremely proud of our track record of delivering a host of replatforming projects. We are confident in supporting clients with the platform and technology selection process as well as the delivery and project management of replatforming projects. The wealth of our replatforming experience lies in large Magento projects although we have also worked with other platforms such as Demandware / Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Shopware and Shopify Plus.

The replatforming process usually starts with a requirements gathering session with the client, followed by platform selection, platform validation, RfP (Request for proposal) and ITT (invitation to tender) phases. In this process we help clients understand what’s possible within the platforms they are looking at, recommend third party solutions and help with selecting a new eCommerce development partner.

We also assist with project phasing – helping clients understand what parts of the project are launch critical and what areas can be phased in later either as part of Phase 2 or the post-launch backlog. As part of the replatforming process we are also able to establish what areas of the client’s eCommerce store can be improved without requiring additional development. This can be anything from UX to product hierarchy to reporting. Additionally, we are able to advise on third party technology most suitable to complement the client’s needs and core platform where native functionality is not satisfactory.

The initial discovery phase usually takes up to 2-5 days. Depending on agreed timescales for each phase of the process, we charge a fixed fee for a project of this type.

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In addition to the initial requirements gathering and platform selection phase, we also provide support in delivering the project, which generally comprises:

  • Project management – managing internal and external teams and generally being responsible for the on-time and on-budget delivery of the project.

  • Hands-on solutions support – architecting solutions, managing third parties, supporting initial setup etc.

  • Hands-on migration support – supporting in migrating data, managing the content migration, setting up aspects of the platform etc.

  • Taking ownership of specific areas of the project – we occasionally take ownership of specific areas, with recent examples being a wholesale channel, on-site search, personalisation, analytics and everything digital marketing.

  • Technology / vendor assessment and selection – we would often define requirements and select / support the selection of the third party technologies used – including payment providers, search solution, personalisation engine, VM solution, third party content management solution, hosting provider, email marketing platform (if relevant), PIM, integration platform, shipping platform etc.

Our average scope includes more hands-on support through the replatforming project – but we’re open and have no preference on our involvement. We’ve worked with most mainstream eCommerce platforms and have specialist knowledge around Magento and Shopify Plus. We’ve also worked quite a lot with BigCommerce and Salesforce Commerce Cloud recently.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to hear more.