eCommerce Audit Helping brands understand and maximise their eCommerce potential

Our full eCommerce audit is designed to review all aspects of our client’s eCommerce operation – covering areas such as the effectiveness of your technology stack, the suitability of your eCommerce platform, third parties being used, customer acquisition effectiveness, front-end UX, customer communications, analytics & reporting, and your team. We are also able to solely focus on a specific pain point or area of the client’s operation they feel needs the most attention. As with our other services, we are flexible and all our services are bespoke.

An audit generally requires an initial discovery meeting, access to key members of the client’s team for interviews & workshops, access to their server, access to their eCommerce platform, access to their analytics platform(s) and any other key systems the client uses. The discovery phase of a full audit usually takes 1 to 2 working weeks to complete. The project then requires another 2 (minimum) weeks to complete.

Some of our most requested eCommerce auditing services are listed here:

  • Technology stack (eCommerce platform, server infrastructure, back office systems etc)
  • Customer experience (customer email communication, merchandising functions, front-end UX, reviews, social proof, performance review, checkout, payment options etc)
  • Data handling, CRM, analytics and reporting
  • Customer acquisition analysis (effectiveness of individual channels and use of budget)
  • Team skills analysis and process review

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