Rule-Based Post-Purchase & Attribution Surveys App

The Census app allows brands and retailers to ask customers a series of questions, providing insight and feedback into their shopping experience or marketing attribution. Ask questions on brand sentiment, customer attribution, site bugs and issues, and more. Questions can be added based on rules, segmenting questions on device, product, category and tags.

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"Wonderful app that we've used in collaboration with our new site launch to gather feedback from our customers and give us peace of mind. Quick to set up and easy to digest results. Fully recommended if looking to do post purchase surveys, stylised much cleaner than previous apps we've used."

- Joseph Joseph

Common Use Cases

Common survey use cases include:

  • NPS (Net Promoter Score) - understanding your customer’s overall brand experience

  • Bugs and Issues - supporting in identifying and quantifying the impact of issues

  • Marketing Attribution - allowing for questions on where users first heard about the brand or product(s)

  • General UX Feedback - feedback from users on the overall buying experience or specific areas of the online store

  • Product Surveys - product-level questions around things like pricing, information, imagery, selection available etc.

All feedback is associated with orders and customers, allowing you to better understand feedback and, again, further quantify the impact and those affected. Search and filter your responses to quickly identify specific issues, and export lists easily.

astrid and miyu tw

"Really well thought out and powerful tool. We've gained some valuable insights into our customer acquisitions and even some feedback on site functions. Highly recommended."

- Astrid & Miyu

Core Features

  • Embed surveys on your order confirmation page with one click

  • Get more responses with non-invasive surveys that look good out-of-the-box

  • Easy and quick installation with no development needed

  • Feedback is linked to customer profiles and orders

  • Get fast, reliable support from our eCommerce team

  • Create surveys from our extensive question bank with focuses on customer satisfaction, acquisition or bugs

  • Customisation and styling options

  • Access all reports and data including acquisition channels and AOV, customer satisfaction, and common site issues

  • Get regular email notifications to keep you updated on your latest responses

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