Affiliate Marketing

We manage and scale affiliate programmes globally, connecting ecommerce brands to aligned publishers and content creators to drive brand awareness, traffic and revenue.

Introduction & Offering

The affiliate and online partnerships channel is growing rapidly, with the industry now worth $12B. More ecommerce brands are seeing the opportunity within the channel, with affiliates now driving up to 15% of overall digital revenue for brands.

Our team has close relationships with industry leading networks and publishers globally, tailoring affiliate strategy to meet brands objectives and understands how to utilise different partner types to achieve set KPIs.

Our Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

We push the boundaries of affiliate marketing, bringing fresh and innovative ideas to ensure our clients’ programmes are constantly evolving. Taking a creative, holistic and brand-led approach, we tailor affiliate strategy to clients digital marketing objectives, with the brand always at the forefront.

Our four pillars of affiliate management include:

  • Grow - Constant recruitment, opportunity sourcing, campaign and budget management

  • Nurture - Relationship building and communication

  • Maintain - Compliance, creative and campaign updates, validations and feed health

  • Report - Cloud reporting, campaign analysis and keeping up to date with industry news

Typically, an affiliate marketing campaign will begin with the affiliate promoting a brand on-site, encouraging a customer to click and convert, the traffic and conversion is tracked through affiliate networks and then the publisher earns commission on the sale.

We always take a considered approach to affiliate marketing. We do not focus our strategies around incentives, particularly voucher and cashback. Although these partner types are an integral part of affiliate programmes, we would recommend premium and luxury brands to work with a small pool of incentive partners and look at the wider opportunities the channel has to offer, such as shopping, loyalty, content, influencers and new emerging partnerships such as brand to brand.

We understand how premium brands differentiate themselves online and how to use third parties to drive revenue, whilst also protecting brand prestige. We only work with affiliate partners that align with the brands we work with and who will represent the brand well.

What are the benefits to affiliate marketing?

  • Flexibility - There is no fixed way of working with affiliates. You can tailor your approach to your digital marketing strategy and business objectives.

  • Full funnel coverage - Varying partner types can cover the whole marketing funnel, and utilising all affiliate types can create a diverse channel for maximum performance.

  • Evolving channel - The affiliate channel is a growing, global industry with constantly new growth opportunities including brand-to-brand partnerships and tech innovations.

  • Low cost and risk - CPA models in particular can drive a strong channel ROI


  • We have strong relationships with affiliate networks such as AWIN, Rakuten and CJ Affiliate.

  • Brand is at the forefront of everything we do. We ensure all partnerships are strongly aligned, all brand messaging is streamlined and creative is up to date.

  • Extensive experience in the team working on affiliate marketing programs with premium and luxury retailers and brands.

  • As a multi channel ecommerce agency, we work closely with other teams to ensure that affiliate activities are ultimately inline with the overlying digital marketing strategy and brand objectives.

  • Unbiased, impartial and fair team - we work with all partners and platforms and do not favour solutions based on commission or benefits for the agency.

  • Experts in attribution, building bespoke attribution reports with an honest and transparent approach to automation and attribution.

  • Hands-on experience with wider key ecommerce technology partners - Klaviyo, Ometria, Shopify, Magento, Glew, Klevu, Nosto etc.

  • Team with a wide range of skills across performance marketing, with consultants specialised in emerging channels such as TikTok.

How can you pay affiliates?

Each content creator and affiliate site will use varying pricing models, but we can work with you and the affiliate to find the most efficient option for your objectives and demonstrate the best value for your investment. Pricing models include:

  • CPA (commission) - This is often a percentage of sales, with the programme rate determined by the advertiser. This means you can remain competitive and provide capacity to increase your investment with specific publishers.

  • Tenancy - These are often fixed fees for tenancy placements on newsletters, homepages, content and more. Tenancies are determined by the affiliates, and are dependent of reach and quality.

  • CPC (cost per click) - Using a CPC model is useful for paying affiliates that are considered upper funnel for traffic (rather than conversions). This is often utilised by content publishers and some shopping portals.

  • Payment on Influence - This is often a mix of % of sales and fixed fees. This is where you pay out on sales that were part of the user journey but weren’t last click. Common publisher types for this model are influencers and content.

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