Shopware Consultancy Consultancy around Shopware projects & supplier selection

We became an official Shopware Consultancy partner (the only one in the UK) in September 2017, after looking at the platform on a number of projects with partners. Although our experience with Shopware is still relatively limited, we’re very confident in working on builds and our knowledge of the platform is growing very quickly.

We consider Shopware to be a very strong platform and well suited to larger, more complex builds and B2B projects. Our partner, GPMD, have a number of well-known clients using Shopware and are one of the UK’s leading development partners – we work very closely with them on projects and have had good exposure to some of their recent builds.

We would generally provide the following services around Shopware (Enterprise or Professional Plus):

  • Platform discovery (assessing requirements against native Shopware features and third parties)
  • Replatforming support (general support around managing Shopware replatforming projects)
  • Requirements gathering (gathering requirements and support in building project specifications)

If you would like to discuss a Shopware project, please feel free to get in touch.