eCommerce Requirements Gathering Let us help you create a solid project specification process

One of our most requested services, we have worked with a number of merchants replatforming or performing a significant upgrade to their existing system. Our responsibility frequently revolves around creating a more solid specification and providing guidance around the features being included. Magento is one of our most commonly requested platforms, however we do work with other platforms.

The process usually starts with a discovery session. In this meeting we try to establish the project scope as well as our suitability for the project. Once the initial discovery is complete, we then follow up with a number of workshop sessions helping us understand the client’s requirements in detail. We are then able to start building the functional specification document, which then allows the client to start the external Rfp (Request for proposal) and ITT (invitation to tender) phases of the project or the internal project planning.

Some of our most requested Requirements gathering services are listed here:

  • Initial project discovery (objectives around the project, project risks, key systems, key stakeholders, timescales etc)
  • Front-end / design discovery (discovery around the front-end / design aspects of the project)
  • Functional discovery session (discovery around new features, existing functionality that needs to be replicated, integrations, data migration etc)
  • Creation of project specification (with features / requirements mapped against phases, using the MOSCOW methodology)
  • Optional involvement in RfPs / future phases

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to hear more.