Our Approach & Processes

Formed in 2017, Vervaunt have developed a paid media offering built around assigning a senior consultant for all aspects of management, more pro-active strategies, being more technical and creating more considered reporting.

We pride ourselves in having a better understanding of our clients’ businesses, which has helped us to optimise beyond just general performance and budgets, but factoring in aspects such as profitability, performance through other channels, inventory, influence on CLV etc. One of the grounding principles to Vervaunt forming was to provide a more proactive and specialist service to mid-sized retailers who may be at risk of becoming overlooked in the ‘big’ agency world. 

So, what makes us different?

  • All of our accounts are assigned to a designated Senior Consultant and we endeavour to have your team involved from the very initial point of contact.

  • While we offer a specialist service across all core paid media channels, we provide a much more technical offering around feed management, understanding key variables (e.g. inventory or catalog complexities) and product optimisation. Our team also have a good understanding of eCommerce platforms and key technologies.

  • We understand each client is unique, and that’s why we develop bespoke in-house proprietary tools to help you find the solution that’s right for your business needs.

  • We want to ensure our clients are confident in all things paid, and we invest time in training sessions and knowledge transfer. Helping to ensure that together, we are delivering positive growth across accounts

  • Relationships are key to us and we want all our clients to see us an extension of their team. In the pursuit of driving stronger outcomes, we ingrain ourselves in understanding wider business factors such as profit margins, CLV along with buying and merchandising decisions.

Our on-boarding process

Initial Account Audit

Following the initial point of contact we will run a comprehensive audit across all of your paid activities. We will review all the key elements, from the budget allocation across your paid channels, the current structure and level of management, to identifying the key opportunities for growth and improvements in efficiencies. 

From the key takeouts we will build an initial 8-10 week roadmap which will be focused on creating tangible outcomes for your business. We’ll then put a session in to talk you through all of our findings and recommendations and answer any other initial questions you may have.

Discovery & On-Boarding 

As mentioned, relationships are key for us and our discovery sessions have become a pivotal part in understanding our clients and their business. Prior to commencing full management, we run half day sessions involving all the key stakeholders, along with input from eCommerce consultancy team. The sessions aim to cover a wide range of elements, from general business insight such as seasonality, wholesale relationships to international positioning, technology infrastructure, all the way to product catalogues, creative, reporting and KPIs. We find these sessions help both parties move into the account management with confidence and knowledge that there is a collective understanding of the business requirements and objectives not only from a paid perspective

Account management and reporting

Product feed optimisation - Shopping is amongst the biggest specialism within our paid media team and we have a lot of experience of managing data feeds and shopping activity for a wide range of retailers – including marketplaces, large multi-brand retailers and brands with complex products.

Our team all have good working experience with eCommerce platforms and can both build feeds and optimise them including; creating new attributes and optimising product titles and descriptions to help you rank more effectively within the auction

Bespoke reporting – We have APIs that feed into all of the key platforms and off this we create custom reports to ensure they include all of the data you want to see. Whether that be segmenting by category, territory, looking at creative performance, top selling products and keywords

Support around eCommerce, GTM and GA - Vervaunt compromises of an experienced e-commerce team, who are on hand to deliver specialist support and guidance where required. Many of our existing clients have reaped the benefits of this over the past 18 months

Channel Attribution & Incrementality testing – It’s important for us to understand the bigger picture and not to treat paid purely in isolation. We aim to understand channel performance from a holistic point of view, for example, looking at how email may impact volumes across other channels, UTM tagging social activity and understanding the value beyond last click 

Team Process

On boarding plans – As mentioned, this will be an initial 8-10 week plan that will be created from the audit findings, along with additional actions to ensure accounts are following best practice from the very start 

Daily health checks – Ingrained in the team process are the morning checks, where budgets are reviewed and optimised to ensure they are meeting monthly KPIs. Along with visibility of key search terms and products being reviewed and any changes in competition 

306090 day plans and cross account auditing  – At a wider team level we have a continuous 30-60-90 action plans in place to help maximise progression and track measurable goals. These ensure all accounts are adopting best practices, testing and ultimately seeing positive growth. At the start of each of these periods the accounts are cross audited by another team member with a score given, at the end of the period the same process is repeated to measure the progression

Reporting - Each Monday we dedicate to reporting, this will be shared along with weekly insight, actions completed and the key focuses for the upcoming week

We then have a monthly reporting dashboard that looks at GA performance as a whole, reviewing both year on year and both month on month performance across all channels

In terms of calls and meetings, that’s up to you. We encourage at least bi-weekly calls and monthly face to face and we also love it when our clients come to work from the office for the day, creating more of a ‘workshop’ session. 

We hope that the above has provided some helpful insight into how things work here at Vervaunt. We’d love to hear from you, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or complete the form below to kick off the initial audit phase.