Joseph Joseph

Joseph Joseph is an innovative kitchenware and bathroom brand, based in London selling over 1,000 products in 100 countries around the world. In 2020, we began working on their paid search strategy, which needed considerable improvement due to the effects of the global pandemic on the retailer’s ecommerce strategy.

Before this period, the retailer was managing their paid search strategy in-house but they were struggling to scale spend, and needed expert help when they were finding navigating the pandemic challenging.

We have delivered some amazing results for Joseph Joseph across key markets, whilst maintaining similar ad spends.


increase in orders from paid search


increase in revenue from paid search


increase in paid search conversion rate


increase in ROI

As many of Joseph Joseph’s retailers were closed, their revenues were threatened by lack of sales and they needed to pivot to scale spend and sales directly online. However, they were also struggling with stock problems with importing products from China, and so any strategy needed to manage scalability whilst also being flexible enough to pause and scale down when stock was an issue.

The retailer had always relied heavily on reselling from retailers, and so hadn’t taken full advantage of ecommerce opportunities previously. This was a huge opportunity for the brand, but they needed expert advice on how to approach their paid search strategy for ecommerce.

The main objectives of the campaign:

  • Scale up and increase ecommerce sales and revenue with paid search, whilst maintaining a similar ad spend

  • Increase conversion rates by improving targeting and audiences

  • Build a flexible campaign that would be able to pause and scale down when issues with stock arise

  • Engage with previous customers who traditionally would purchase from retailers through branded search.


Our paid social campaigns were split across a number of key targets, including:

  • Prospecting - a mixture of competitor brands, complimentary brands, and interest targeting (homewares, for example).

  • Lookalike - similar profiles and users to our existing customer base.

  • Remarketing - using first party data from Klaviyo to remarket to existing customers, to confront the iOS 14 update.

  • Stores - targeting those interested in retailers who would traditionally stock Joseph Joseph products but were now closed.

As Joseph Joseph had a high brand awareness due to their established customer base with resellers, brand campaigns were expected to deliver strong results. It was important to capitalise on this existing audience with paid search in order to meet our objective of engaging with previous customers. However, whilst these brand campaigns were key to our strategy, we implemented a bid cap to stop overspending.


We love working with the Vervaunt team! After a very thorough onboarding process, they became a true extension of our team. They are very responsive and pro-active, I would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for a strong, performance-orientated and fast-paced paid media and ecommerce consultancy agency.

Charlotte Cau Head of Performance Marketing - Joseph Joseph

We have delivered some amazing results, including an 82% increase in sales and a 50% increase in ROI. We have managed to achieve this across our key markets, whilst maintaining a similar ad spend. Our focus on improving targeting and audience has allowed us to improve conversion rate and decrease cost per acquisition, and has helped us scale the account considerably.

These results include:

  • 82% increase in orders from paid search

  • 76% increase in revenue from paid search

  • 99% increase in paid search conversion rate

  • 50% increase in ROI

Internationalisation & Stock Management

As part of the scaling and expansion of the campaigns, we have been able to run and manage accounts across the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, US / Canada, and Europe. These various markets have been key to managing our campaigns flexibly - where stock is low in one market, we have the opportunity to focus efforts and investment in others.

We have built specific campaigns to flexibly manage stock and velocity of sales. We have high velocity and high stock campaigns, low velocity and low stock campaigns, and variations within. This enables us to both manage and report on campaigns promoting products that sell quickly or slowly and are low or high in stock.

Smart Shopping

The majority of our campaigns are built under Smart Shopping strategies, which allow us to take advantage of Google’s ever improving automation algorithm. At first, we were concerned that due to the lack of search term data available under Smart Shopping we would be unable to accurately analyse performance and report back to the client. Therefore, this needed to be tested before we implemented this account wide. The tests proved positive, and as a result we implemented this fully across our campaigns.