Introducing Census, By Vervaunt Labs

By Paul Rogers - 9 November, 2021
Paul Rogers 2021

I’m delighted to write this article to introduce the first publicly available Vervaunt technology / tool; Census - a Shopify and Shopify Plus app that allows users to ask a series of strategic questions post-purchase.

The app is already being used by a host of Vervaunt clients, has had thousands of submissions and has a pretty strong roadmap of upcoming features, which will gradually be introduced over the next few weeks. The app has been led by our Technical Consultant, Liam Quinn, who also plays the role of Product Manager for our internal technology projects.

Installing the Census app is super straight-forward and doesn’t require any development work - simply visit this page on the Shopify App Store, install the app and then go through the configuration process and set live. You can choose from a host of pre-built questions, or create your own. You can also style the box on the order confirmation page to align with your brand guidelines. Entries are also linked to specific customers and orders, allowing you to contact users if needed or further quantify the issue (by filtering out VIP or loyal customers).

The Census app is already installed on a number of well-known brand stores, including Fairfax & Favor, The Bottle Club, The Frankie Shop, Bremont, Lulu Guinness, Wild Nutrition and various others.

Common Use Cases

  • On-Site NPS (Net Promoter Score) - understanding your customer’s overall shopping experience

  • Identify Bugs and Issues - supporting in identification and quantifying the impact of issues. We use the app for new launches, which helps to gather bugs quicker and then informs the backlog.

  • Capture Marketing Attribution Data - ask questions focused on where customers first heard about / saw the brand or product(s)

  • Gather Specific Elements of UX Feedback - get feedback from users on the specific aspects of the buying experience (based on rules - e.g. subscription process, configuration etc).

  • Product Surveys - product-level questions around things like pricing, information, imagery, selection available, etc.

  • Gather Information on International Barriers - ask questions to customers based on shipping address, to get feedback on things such as shipping costs, duties and general comms


Key features

  • Embed surveys on your order confirmation page with a single click

  • Get more responses with non-invasive surveys that look good out-of-the-box

  • Create your own surveys or choose from our bank of pre-written questions

  • Conditionally ask questions or get ratings based on specific rules and devices

  • Written, multi-select, single-select and ratings question formats

  • Style all surveys and customise fonts, colours and logos

  • Feedback is linked to customer profiles and orders

  • Export various reports and data based on customer responses

  • Get full control without confusing extra features in an intuitive backend UI

  • Get fast, reliable support from our eCommerce team

Try the app out

If you want to try the app out, we’ll gladly jump on a call with you and walk you through our suggested approach - we’ve learnt a lot from the stores we’ve been using the app on.

Download: Census, by Vervaunt Labs

What is Vervaunt Labs?

Over the last 18-24 months, we’ve put a lot of time and effort into building out internal tools, without a real name - we’ve now decided to house these internal tools and our upcoming external tools under the Vervaunt Labs sub-brand. We’re intending to release addition tools to the public in 2022, with an initial focus on Shopify and reporting.