Amazon Advertising Services

Vervaunt provide a hands-on, specialist service around Amazon advertising for retail brands looking to grow activity or improve profitability. We have a small, experienced team made up almost entirely of senior consultants, all of which apply the same level of best practice to all of the paid media channels we cover. We’ve managed Amazon advertising activity for a wide range of retailers in both the UK and the US.

Our Amazon Advertising Offering

Amazon advertising or Amazon Sponsored Ads has been growing very quickly over the last few years and it’s been something that we’ve focused on a lot with our clients. Amazon is the third biggest advertising platform in the world and it represents a huge opportunity for retailers who are operating and selling products on the site - with Amazon pushing more placements and improving management capabilities in recent times. Amazon is also the fastest growing advertising channel globally.

We provide a host of services around Amazon advertising - our most common remit would be full management of the account, but we also provide auditing services, keyword discovery, product effectiveness analysis and consultancy & training. 

Our core offering would be focused on taking control over your inventory and ensuring that the structure of your account is in-line with best practice. We would initially do a comprehensive discovery to better understand inventory management, product and category-level profitability, product and category demand and various areas around competitiveness. We’d then start to build out or restructure your account.

We tend to build out accounts and manage activity at a very granular level to allow us to better control bidding and the the products we’re promoting for different keywords. We’d also run lots of testing around product and keyword effectiveness and targeting higher volume, generic queries (which requires very close management to ensure that you’re not wasting budget). If you’re relying on automated targeting, Amazon chooses the keywords you’re targeting and there’s no logic behind which SKUs you’re promoting, your bids etc.

Some of our clients that we’ve provided Amazon advertising services for include Headcovers, Bulletproof, Balance Me and Antler.

Our team have managed a wide range of Amazon advertising accounts and it’s a service that we specialise in. All of our core processes and principles are applied to our Amazon Advertising service - including reporting, testing and the initial discovery process. If you would like to find out more about how we work with Amazon advertising, please feel free to fill out the form below.

Featured Paid Media Clients

Rooftop Team

How we work;

  • Pro-active management and account optimisations

  • Bespoke reporting dashboard, updated daily

  • Weekly communications focused on account performance and actions

  • More detailed monthly reporting dashboards reviewing GA as a whole

  • Regular client contact, at least bi-weekly calls and monthly meetings, we also love it when our clients come to work from the office for the day, creating more of a ‘workshop’ session

  • Thorough pre-activation campaign checklists

  • In-grained team process around daily budget and visibility checks

  • In-house quarterly cross account audits

  • Development of bespoke in-house proprietary tools 

Please do not hesitate to contact us or fill in the form below if you would like to hear more.


About Us

Vervaunt are a leading eCommerce consultancy and paid media agency, working solely with retail businesses to support growth and optimise operations. We have a small team of senior paid media professionals, each with enterprise-level experience in their given area.

Our paid media offering is designed to allow for more hands-on support, more senior-led management and a more technical approach, with our team capable of optimising product data, implementing advanced tracking and work directly with eCommerce platforms.